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EO4GEO Internship and project work offers catalogue

Among the activities for skills development, EO4GEO is also promoting mobility through a mechanism of internships and on-the-job training.

In connection with the case-based learning approach and in order to foster work-based learning, EO4GEO is then implementing a mobility programme to promote internships by students and young professionals, possibly in an international setting.

To reach this objective, a mobility framework is being set-up to make available a context where offers of internships and project work by companies, public and research institutions will stimulate and meet the demand by students and professionals.

It is expected that, when the mobility framework will be fully operational, offers will be in principle prepared using the EO4GEO Job Offer Tool and periodically synchronised to the PRAXIS portal to reach a wider public of potentially interested beneficiaries.

The Steering Committee proposed to have an offer repository hosted on the project web site, accessible by the project partners and associates, where the available offers can be browsed.

Below you can find the available offers organized in the main two categories of “Internships” and “Project work”.

The list is being updated with new offers, while those covered/closed will be removed from the list once the agreement with the beneficiary/trainee is formalized.