#Copernicus20 Live Streaming – experience Baveno+20

Baveno+20: From GMES to Copernicus and Beyond is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Baveno Manifesto – the birth of the Copernicus Programme.

We will look back to see the road travelled – the Copernicus story and achievements, and we’ll look into the future of the Programme – how Copernicus takes part in the future of environmental protection, the EU economy and safety & security of the EU citizens.

It will be a two-day event with speeches, roundtable discussions and the launch of DIAS. But you don’t need to be in Baveno to participate – we will be live streaming the entire event!

The live stream will happen on Twitter via the Periscope application, but you do not need to have Twitter or a Periscope account to join us. All you need is to visit our Twitter page, the live stream tweet, once we start, will be on the top with the video running automatically (just click on the video to switch on the sound). You can watch it in your browser (on a computer or mobile phone) or via the Twitter smartphone app.

We will announce the live stream on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – just keep an eye on our channels and you will see a link once it starts.

The live stream will start on 20 June 18:50 (UTC+2), and continue on 21 June but you can join us at any point of the event – see the Baveno+20 agenda.

Let’s celebrate Baveno+20 together!

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