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Join the EO4GEO Alliance

EO4GEO is a Sector Skills Alliance that will continue to operate after the life-time of the project, to promote our strategy for skills development.

We call all education/training stakeholders in the EO, GIS and Skills sectors to join us in order to establish synergies and collaborate.

Be part of EO4GEO and let’s discuss and work together on the supply and demand of skills in the EO/GIS sector.
EO4GEO is supported by a strong group of Associated Partners mostly consisting of associations or networks.

Become an EO4GEO Associated Partner

All Stakeholders joining the EO4GEO Skills Alliance will have the following advantages:

  • Be part of an international Alliance.
    Expand your network and connect with geo-spatial organisations and universities across Europe.

  • Contribute to one of the flagship projects funded by ERASMUS+.
    Be involved in the revision of the EO4GEO main outcomes, support our dissemination and networking actions and participate in our events.

  • Get visibility.
    Be featured in a dedicated interview/article. Disseminate your activities in the EO4GEO’s communication channels.

  • Be the first to test and use our resources.
    Have access to our open tools supporting Copernicus education and training and participate in our training actions.

In order to become Associated Partner of our project and be part of the EO4GEO Alliance, you should fill in the registration form.

Once your application will be reviewed and approved, you will be contacted to start working together.

Associated Partner registration form

If you experience some problem with the registration form, please contact us directly at THIS EMAIL.

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Become an Associated Partner

Be part of EO4GEO and let’s discuss and work together on the supply and demand of skills in the EO/GIS sector.
Stakeholders in the EO, GIS and Skills sectors are more than welcome to join!

Join the EO4GEO Skills Alliance

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The EO4GEO project is inviting experts in the Earth Observation / Geographic Information sectors to participate in the process of developing a Body of Knowledge (BoK).

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