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EO4GEO Tools

A complete ecosystem of tools, with the EO4GEO BoK in the center.

The EO4GEO ecosystem of tools is a set of innovative collaborative tools which can be used independently or combined, depending on the user’s profile and needs. The tools are all based on the EO4GEO Body of Knowledge, which is made available through an API of the EO4GEO platform. All tools created are Licenced under the copyleft Licence GNU GPLv3

BoK tools for professionals

EO4GEO's Occupational Profile Tool

Occupational Profile Tool

The Occupational Profile Tool allows to create occupational job profiles and connect them with BoK concepts (Knowledge) and ESCO (skills).

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Job Offer Tool

The Job Offer Tool allows to create job and training offers in the field of EO/GI based on occupational profiles.

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BoK tools for education

Curriculum Design Tool

The Curriculum Design Tool allows to create, edit and find EO & GI Curriculum using latest concepts from the EO4GEO Body of Knowledge.

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BoK auxiliary tools

BoK Visualization and Search

Tool to graphically and textually visualise, explore and navigate the BoK. It supports permalinks, versioning and advanced searching.

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BoK Annotation Tool

This tool allows to annotate any PDF file with a concept (knowledge) from the BoK.

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BoK Matching Tool

This tool allows to compare two annotated BoK resources, as metadata annotated PDFs or a EO4GEO resource created in the other tools.

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