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EO4GEO Training Material Catalogue

The training catalogue contains material developed in EO4GEO together with pointers to external training material. The material covers mostly resources for educators/instructors who look for teaching material in a state-of-the-art form of presentation.

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This section is currently under development. New materials will be added and some of them might be updated or revised.



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EO Data Sources

This is a lesson on Earth observation data that can be combined with administrative, social and economic data at multiple scales for in-depth analyses.


Management view on SDI

This module gives an overview of the non-technical aspects related to Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI). In an SDI several technical and non-technical components work together. This module is targeting process owners and managers.


Introduction to GIS

This is an introductory course to GIS including basic information on: Geographic Information Systems, raster and vector models, coordinate systems, attribute and spatial queries, simple analysis using geoprocessing tools and data visualization.


Preprocessing of EO data

This course introduces preprocessing operations, sometimes referred to as image restoration and correction, used to correct radiometric and geometric data distortions specific to sensors used in EO.


Validation of EO Products

Quantifying the quality of satellite, aero and drone data products by decomposing the inherent uncertainty components is a very challenging task. This course provides an overview of EO data validation procedures and frameworks.


The EO4GEO project

A a brief introductory presentation to the Erasmus+ EO4GEO project. EO4GEO is an Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance gathering 26 partners from 13 EU countries. This presentation is available in English, Italian, Spanish and German.

Other online training resources

Find below a selection of available EO training resources coming from Copernicus programme, related organisations or private initiatives.
You will find courses of different levels and different themes. Almost all resources are free or at a low cost.

ESA EO Education and Training

A wide range of education, training and capacity building activities and resources.

RUS Training programme

Free access to face-to-face training sessions, online webinars and e-learning courses.


Free training materials to understand how to use and interpret satellite data.

Copernicus YouTube channel

Training videos, presentations and demonstrations on Copernicus programme.

EO College

Earth Observation training courses in numerous domains.

GEO University

Online platform to learn GIS and Earth Observation.

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