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Innovative solutions for Earth Observation/Geoinformation training

EO4GEO aims to help bridging the skills gap between supply and demand of education and training in the EO/GI sector

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EO4GEO is an Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance gathering 26 partners from 12 countries from academia, private and public sector active in the education/training and space/geospatial sectors.

The space/geospatial sector is of strategic importance since it already provides support to many European, national and sub-national policy domains. However, data and services are still used in a sub-optimal way. Especially the uptake of existing data and services and their integration in added value services for government, business and citizens could be improved a lot.

Several studies have revealed that the lack of specialized technical and scientific skills impedes this uptake by private companies and other actors. Moreover there is also a gap between the offerings of academic and of vocational education and training at both universities and private companies, and what is needed to make this uptake happen fluently.

The VISION of the Sector Skills Strategy is to foster the growth of the European EO/GI sector ensuring a workforce with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

The MISSION of the Sector Skills Strategy is to ensure the strategic cooperation among stakeholders on skills development in the EO/GI sector (Sector Skills Alliance).

EO4GEO aims to help bridging the skills gap in the space/geospatial sector by creating a strong alliance of players from the sector/community.

Our main objective is to reinforce the existing EO/GI training and education ecosystem and fostering the uptake and integration of space/geospatial data and services in end-user applications.

EO4GEO will define a long-term and sustainable strategy to fill the gap between supply of and demand for space/geospatial education and training taking into account the current and expected technological and non-technological developments in the space/geospatial and related sectors.

EO4GEO will work in an multi- and interdisciplinary way and apply innovative solutions for its education and training actions including: case based and collaborative learning scenarios; learning-while-doing in a living lab environment; on-the-job training; the co-creation of knowledge, skills and competencies; etc.

  • Creation and maintenance of an ontology-based Body of Knowledge for the space/geospatial sector based on previous efforts.
  • Design and development of a series of curricula and a rich portfolio of training modules directly usable in the context of Copernicus and other relevant programmes.
  • Development of a dynamic collaborative platform with associated open tools.
  • Conduct a series of training actions for a selected set of scenario’s in three sub-sectors – integrated applications, smart cities and climate change to test and validate the approach.

Introducing a Body of Knowledge (BoK) for EO/GI

The description of the Geographic Information and Earth Observation domain should be done by defining the underpinning inter-related concepts (theories, methods, technologies, etc.) that should be covered in education and training curricula.

The process of developing the BoK for GI and EO is currently carried out by a network of experts covering both fields. Get involved!

Learn more about the EO4GEO BoK
EO4GEO BoK concept map

EO4GEO BoK concept map

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