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About EO4GEO

An innovative strategy for skills development and capacity building in the EO/GI field

Copernicus, Europe’s ambitious Earth Observation programme, is a huge leap forward in terms of technological progress. Its entry in the stage of operability is enabling the production of a huge wealth of data: With six Copernicus Sentinel satellites in orbit, the Contributing missions and in situ sensors, over 12 TB of Earth Observation (EO) data is available every day. With more Sentinels to come and the launch of 5 DIAS platforms to allow an easier access to Copernicus data, we can expect impacts in terms of innovation, growth and jobs.

Technological progress and globalisation offer tremendous opportunities for innovation, growth and jobs. However, these developments require specific skills for people who are able to drive and support change.

EO4GEO will offer a series of tangible results that are usable for the broader education/training community, as well as for fields related to the space/geospatial sector.

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