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Deliverable list
D1.6 – Space/geospatial Sector Skills Strategy
D2.4 – Linking the BoK for GI and EO to other BoKs
D3.3 – Revised and improved platform and tools
D3.4 – Innovative toolset
D3.5 – Testing result and guidelines
D4.1 – Business processes and occupational profiles
D4.2- EO and related curricula
D4.4 – Training material
D4.5 – Mobility Vademecum
D5.1 – Case-based learning scenarios for 3 sub-sectors
D5.2 – The role of Remote Sensing in the three scenarios
D5.3 – Integrated Applications
D5.4 – Smart Cities
D5.5 – Climate Change
D5.6 – Summer Schools (2020-2021)
D5.7 – EO4GEO Sub sector Intermediate results Workshop
D5.8 – Feedback and lessons learned
D6.1 – Long-term Governance Structure
D6.2 – Long-term Business Plan
D6.3 – Mainstreaming, Impact and Multiplication Approach
D6.4 – Roll-out and maintenance of the eco-system
D6.5 – Long-term Action Plan
D6.6 – Final Conference and endorsement of the Action Plan
D7.2 EO4GEO web site

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