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EO4GEO Training Actions

Find here a list of current and past innovative and case-based training actions organized by EO4GEO

Featured training actions

EO4GEO Webinar: EO for urban greenery management

EO4GEO invites you this April 26th at 4:00 PM to a webinar dedicated to the use of remote sensing data in the management of urban greenery.

The webinar is addressed to students and focused on understand how to acquire data on urban greenery using remote sensing methods and how such collected data can be used to improve urban greenery management, especially in the context of climate change adaptation.

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EO for urban greenery management

EO4GEO Webinar

April 26th 2021 at 4:00 PM. Duration: 1 h 30’.

EO4GEO Webinar: A new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) based on Copernicus programme and EO4GEO tools

EO4GEO invites you this April 28th at 10:00 AM to a webinar addressing the new opportunities offered by the Copernicus Programme in dealing with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The webinar is addressed to farmers, farmers’ organizations and citizens interested in the development of possible future workforce in this sector and in general in Earth Observation/Geospatial applications.

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A new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) based on Copernicus programme and EO4GEO tools

EO4GEO Webinar

April 28th 2021 at 10:00 AM. Duration: 1 h 30’.

EO4GEO International Summer School: Intelligent Earth Observation 

The international summer school entitled “Intelligent Earth Observation”, will take place in June/July in full virtual mode, including a final event at the ISDE / GI Week 2021 hosted by the University of Salzburg.

The summer school will address recent advancements in artificial intelligence in EO*GI comprising topics such as analysis-ready data, data assimilation, machine learning, hybrid AI, data quality and reproducibility. The target audience are students, academic instructors, training providers, and EO service providers.

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International Summer School Intelligent Earth Observation 2021

EO4GEO International Summer School (virtual mode)

From 08 June to 07 July 2021. Duration: 30 days.

Past training actions in the ‘integrated applications’ sub-sector

Observing from space: Agriculture and environment

A workshop introducing the latest developments in emerging technologies such as geospatial technologies, GIS or IoT applied to agriculture.

EO4GEO Workshop

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The rise of Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation

A webinar for AI researchers and EO/GIS experts addressing the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in Earth Observation applications.

EO4GEO Webinar

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Optical Earth observation data for landslide risk management

 An online workshop organized by EO4GEO and the University of Salzburg for discussing the use of optical EO data for landslide risk management.

EO4GEO Workshop

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Past training actions in the ‘smart cities’ sub-sector

Webinar: Identification of heat islands to support city planning

A webinar about Urban Heat Islands and the importance of their identification in a spatial planning context. A real-world case is presented from the city of Stockholm.

EO4GEO Webinar

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Past training actions in the ‘climate change’ sub-sector

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