EO4GEO Workshop in Warsaw (Poland)

We are pleased to announce that next EO4GEO Workshop on “Design of EO and related curricula” will be held in Warsaw (PL) on Wednesday the 27th November 2019, hosted by the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGiK).

The workshop will bring together the EO4GEO partners and representatives from the space/geospatial sector and Copernicus Programme, with the main aim to discuss on occupational profiles and with hands-on practical training for designing curricula.

Moreover, a joint session EO4GEO – UNEP-GRID will be held in the afternoon of Tuesday, November the 26th, linked to the Big Data Branch, Science Division of UNEP.

Further info, logistics and draft agenda(s) will be available soon.

Book your agenda and stay tuned!

EO4GEO - UNEP-GRID joint session

26 November 2019 | 2.30 pm, Palace of Culture and Science, Rudniewa hall
Further info available here soon.

EO4GEO Workshop

27 November 2019, ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture
“Design of EO and related curricula”

Further info available here soon.

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