Workshop: EO4GEO opportunities for Earth Observation and Geoinformation skills improvement

The Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) and EO4GEO invites you this 22nd of September 2021 at 14h00 CEST to and online event to discuss on the skills and training challenges in the Earth Observation and Geographic information sector.

The objective of this workshop is to highlight how some of the current challenges in terms of skills and training in the Earth Observation and Geographic information (EO*GI) sector can be addressed using EO4GEO Tools and resources.

To this effect, several stakeholders from the EO*GI sector will share their experience with resources on space-geoinformation, developed in the context of the EO4GEO Blueprint project. The project and its overall aims will be presented followed by demonstrations of real use-cases where the project’s outputs were used to solve workforce challenges or support up-skilling.

The participants will learn about tools tailored to set up learning paths and training materials, with practical examples devoted to train students and people entering the labour market, to re-skill and/or up-skill staff in public administrations and to facilitate the hiring process in private organisations. Additionally, they will get insights on the variety and richness of training that can be offered to their workforce. This will also be an opportunity for training providers to understand how they can collaborate with the project and make use of the existing resources to develop their training offer.

The workshop is targeted to:

  • Higher education institutions
  • Training providers
  • Public sector organisations willing to recruit new employees or train their workforce
  • Private organisations

You will hear from:

  • Milva Carbonaro, EO4GEO, GISIG
  • Sven Casteleyn, Professor, Universidad Jaime I
  • Barbara Hofer, Associate Professor, University of Salzburg
  • Valerio Tramutoli, Professor, University of Basilicata
  • Giacomo Martirano, EPSIT
  • Danny Vandenbroucke, EO4GEO, KU-Leuven

Download a more detailed agenda of the event:  




Save the date! 22nd of September 2021 at 14h00 CEST. 


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