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EO for urban greenery management

An EO4GEO Webinar | April 26th. 2021 at 4 PM CET


e invite students interested in urban studies to take part in a webinar dedicated to the use of remote sensing data in the management of urban greenery.

Urban greenery is a key element of a healthy human environment. When properly designed and nurtured, it generates a variety of benefits for the purpose of climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban spaces. In the coming years, urban green management will put more focus on biodiversity conservation, protecting ecosystems and using nature-based solution, including green infrastructure.

By participating in the webinar the students will understand how to acquire data on urban greenery using remote sensing methods and how such collected data can be used to improve urban greenery management, especially in the context of climate change adaptation.

The webinar is held in English. 

A bird’s eye view of shanghai

Webinar recording


  • Introduction to the webinar
  • Ecosystem services provided by urban vegetation
  • Remote sensing data as an alternative to in situ studies
  • Warsaw case study – the Tree Crown Map
  • Questions and answers


    The Webinar is organized by UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, in the framework of the EO4GEO project.

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