EO4GEO MOOC: Landslide affecting Cultural Heritage sites – Roman Thermae of Baia 2021-11-23T14:24:12+00:00

Landslide affecting Cultural Heritage sites – Roman Thermae of Baia

An EO4GEO MOOC | November 2021


O4GEO and ISPRA , the The Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, invites you this October to a MOOC on the use of Earth Observation data and services to assess the landslide risk affecting Cultural Heritage sites.

The course will focus on the use of Copernicus EO data and services to assess the landslide risk affecting the tufaceous volcano slope on which the Baia Roman Thermae are built on. The Persistent Scatterers processing allows to perform ground displacement analysis focused on the detection of historical and recent landslides, thus helping technicians and site managers to properly address mitigation actions for the best conservation of Cultural Heritage.

The Roman Thermae of Baia are located in Bacoli municipality (Naples), close by the Phlegrean Fields caldera, representing a unique example of volcanic-related bradyseism with unrest cycles characterized by intense ground uplift and sinking

The particular location of the site, along the steep internal slopes of the volcano, required the use over time of massive terracing works. Preliminary InSAR analysis were performed exploiting ERS (1992-2000) ENVISAT (2003-2010) and COSMO Sky-Med (2011-2013) datasets; the first dataset show ground lowering phenomena affecting areas close to Phlegrean Fields during the period 1993–2003. InSAR data processing will take into consideration COSMO Sky-Med datasets and the most recent SENTINEL-1 data, allowing us to assess the instability phenomena evolution of the area in a recent time interval.

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    The course is covering the following topics:

    • The EO4GEO Project.
    • The COPERNICUS Programme.
    • Cultural Heritage Site.
    • Geohazard assessment.
    • SAR interferometry.
    • Ground Motion monitoring.
    • Integrated application.


    Organised by ISPRA in the framework of the EO4GEO project.

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