Business Development Intern in Tallinn or Budapest

Tallinn (Estonia) or Budapest (Hungary)

Business Development Intern in Tallinn or Budapest 2021-10-18T11:14:53+00:00

Product Description

Description of the host organization (provide also web address)

PhaseGrowth is a company that was born in July 2020 in Tallinn and has quickly grown. Just a few months after the incorporation, our organisation was awarded the status of Copernicus Relay in Estonia and became an associate member of the EO4GEO sectorial alliance for skills in the geospatial field. As such, PhaseGrowth has interacted actively with key organisations in the domain Estonia- and worldwide. The company acts as a consultant about downstream applications of satellite data (project management, financing, research and development, training) as well as a technology provider of tailor-made solutions. Currently, through its offices in Estonia and Hungary, it runs beta testing of its own, in-house solution for tracking in real time of goods within multimodal logistics.

What we offer:

  • a SaaS platform that combines data from Copernicus and Galileo and supports real-time tracking in logistics;
  • in-company training about using satellite data;
  • consultancy services.

Recently we got featured in ’24 Startups to Watch’ by StartupGrind.

Duration in months and preferred period: 

6 months starting from August 2021 (flexible)

Commitment (working time): 

5 days per week, 7,5 hours per day (the weekend starts on Friday at 15.30). We prefer to start the day early and late show-ups after 9 should be well justified.

Description of the work programme / tasks during the internship: 

  • Supporting the implementation of the company’s business development strategy in Estonia and selected countries (USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Russia and CIS);
  • Mapping of ecosystem actors related to space tech: scholars, scientific organisations, educators, industries, policy makers;
  • Researching business opportunities and creating databases about segments of clients and partners;
  • Communication with shortlisted clients and partners, with the approval and/or participation of the job supervisor Dr Rosen Dimov;
  • Organising remote events, webinars and business meetings of PhaseGrowth under its participation in the Copernicus Relays Network, EO4GEO, Founder Institute, CEU Innovation Lab, EERICA, among others;
  • Analysing the results of the business activities, including self-reflection on the intern’s own work.

Required profile and pre-requisites (if any):

A self-disciplined person that could work under less supervision and micromanagement, with a great degree of autonomy and self-starter attitude! If you are looking for a 9-to-5 internship with coffee-making and photo copying tasks, this is not the thing for you J

What we can offer more (why you should choose us):

Weekly progress with the supervisor, Dr Rosen Dimov who has over 12 years of experience in international project management, has worked with the World Bank, the EU and took leadership positions in companies and non-profits.

Possible compensation (financial or in kind, i.e. accommodation, canteen, transportation,…): 

Yes. In cases of blended mobility, we could cover the accommodation and food during the time in Tallinn/Budapest.

Years of Experience required: 


Languages requirements: 

English at an advanced level. It would be an asset if the person speaks one of the languages of the countries that we are currently entering, or a willingness to learn them during the internship (PhaseGrowth will provide resources and help about it).

Additional Information (please, note before applying)

Albeit not preferred, we would also be open to blended mobility, in case the candidate has no financial possibility to stay far from home for a long time. In any case, the way that the internship would be beneficial for the student/new graduate depends mostly on their attitude, not on their location. We will make sure that we will support the learning process and make it fun and beneficial for the future career. Until now we have 11 Erasmus interns, 3 of them stayed in the company after the internship period, and 1 was offered shares in the company.

Send to your CV and motivational cover letter and tell us why you would like to join us 🙂