Internship for The Icon Group

Dublin, Ireland

Internship for The Icon Group 2021-06-15T19:57:14+00:00

Product Description

Description of the organization proposing the project

The Icon Group is an Interdisciplinary Geo-Sciences company specialising in Earth Observation, GIS and Spacial Data Analytics. For over a quarter of a century, our bespoke approach has provided insight and assurance to commercial and governmental agencies across Europe.

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Commitment in months and preferred period: 

The Internship is available on a 3 months period, with a view of the possibility of extending the duration. Dates can be flexible and are on a case by case basis.

Description of the project work objectives (what to achieve): 

The description of the project will vary on a project by project basis. The Icon Group have many different projects ranging from digitising to research & development, and can offer programmes in these fields depending on the individuals’ undergraduate/postgraduate degree being undertaken. The aim is to bring the trainee up to speed on their respective project, while gaining an understanding of the workings within the project, and being able to work independently on said project.

We provide, interpret and manage location-based data and imagery, executing projects supporting:

  • Land Use and Cover Determination
  • Yield Prediction
  • Machine Learned Object Inventories
  • Image Interpretation and Analysis
  • Vector-Based Route Optimisation for Road Transport

Required profile and pre-requisites:

The candidate should be currently undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in a relevant field of study. Ideally, candidates will be currently studying Earth Observation, GIS, Remote Sensing or Environmental/Geographical Studies. There is no professional working experience needed for this posting.

Possible compensation (financial or in kind, i.e. accommodation, canteen, transportation,…): 


We offer our internship programmes a weekly payment of €500. There are no other payments/compensation offered in relation to accommodation or transport etc. This payment is not final and is subject to change.

Years of Experience required: 

Our interns do not need any professional experience. It does require the individual to be currently undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Languages requirements:

Proficient written and verbal communication in English

Additional Information

We are open to either a single trainee or a team of trainees looking to further expand their skills in Earth Observation, Remote Sensing and Research & Development.

Validity of the offer:

six months from 15th June 2021