Remote Sensing – Big Data Software Development Internship

Mol, Belgium

Remote Sensing – Big Data Software Development Internship 2020-09-30T17:25:49+00:00

Product Description

Description of the host organization

As a part of VITO, an independent research and technology leader, VITO Remote Sensing offers expertise, knowledge, data, services and solutions in Earth observation to let you see and make use of the added value of remote sensing, a key enabler in our space economy. From user needs to technology and end-to-end EO support, VITO Remote Sensing provides the insights you need for diverse applications such as agriculture, vegetation, water & coast, climate, security and infrastructure.

Thanks to more reliable, more performant and more accessible data we can observe things and measure them better than ever. That is exactly what Remote Sensing can bring to you: objective information, so you can make better informed decisions.

We know how we can measure water quality from space, how to define new satellite missions to monitor global vegetation on a daily basis, how to predict crop yields by combining multiple data sets, how to reach out to local users in developing countries, and much more. VITO Remote Sensing doesn’t only observe the world, it’s also very much a part of it. From Belgium to Italy or China to Africa, our team serves an expansive network of customers and partners. With more than 80 national and international partners and active in more than 115 countries we offer Earth Observation solutions for both public organizations and industry.

VITO Remote Sensing is also a proud member of Copernicus Relay and Copernicus Academy. With massive amounts of satellite data at your disposal, we are ready to assist you in using and integrating Copernicus or other satellite data products.

For more information, please visit our website  or read our latest blogs on We look forward to hearing from you.

Duration in months and preferred period: 

6 to 9 months starting from 2021 (flexible)

Commitment (working time): 

3 to 5 days per week, 4 to 8 hours per day

Description of the work programme / tasks during the internship: 

You will join us in developing robust and scalable satellite data processing systems for earth observation. The processing system reads raw satellite data covering the entire world every day, and converts it into value-added information. It applies a combination of image processing and machine learning techniques, and is deployed into various cloud environments.

  • Develop efficient algorithms, models and proof of concepts using Earth Observation data
  • Create software components
  • Work together with architects, subject matter experts and product owners
  • Provide support on customer issues

Required profile and pre-requisites (if any):

  • Master students of Computer science, information technologies, geomatics, software development or any other related department
  • Programming experience in Java and Python
  • Understanding of continuous integration, testing and automation frameworks
  • Understanding of Hadoop framework
  • Knowledge of image / raster data processing

What we can offer more :

By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to :

  • work with the latest software technologies
  • be part of an agile software development team, experience scrum methodology
  • collaborate with world class scientists in remote sensing domain
  • experience first hand how earth observation makes impact to society
  • witness many ongoing projects (including European Commission and European Space Agency) , understand project lifecycle
  • expand your international network

Possible compensation (financial or in kind, i.e. accommodation, canteen, transportation,…): 


Years of Experience required: 


Languages requirements: 


Additional Information 

N.B.: Here you can specify if you could be interested also in blended mobility, in case the candidate has no financial possibility to stay far from home for a long time (not applicable for internship in the same city / geographical area)

Location: Mol, Belgium

Send your CV to and motivational cover letter and tell us why you would like to join us 🙂