CO2 budgets for municipalities. An introduction

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Product Description

A n Open Online Course where you will learn about CO2 budgets. CO2 budgets are now increasingly being introduced at municipal level, as a tool for planning, initiating and monitoring activities having an impact on climate change.

A global CO2 budget (carbon budget) is the upper limit of CO2 emissions in order to remain below a specific average global temperature. The global CO2 budget can be split in space and time, for instance as a national CO2 budget for the period 2020 – 2050. The budget may also include targets and a plan on how to reach the goals.
This open online course is focused on the use of different data sources for the management and analysis of CO2 budgets.

Participants will learn more about what a CO2 budget is, some data problems related to impact modelling and monitoring of CO2 emissions, limitations of Copernicus Climate Change Services and some basic principles of forecasting. The webinar is mainly targeting planners and GIS technicians at different levels in cities or municipalities.

Learning outcomes

  • Explain what a CO2 budget is.

  • Describe the basic content of a CO2 budget.

  • Describe how CO2 budgets may be used.

  • Describe different methods for setting targets.

  • Explain some data problems related to impact modelling.

  • Describe data sources for monitoring of CO2 emissions and content.

  • Describe data sources of related sectors (air quality, traffic, …).

  • Explain pro’s and con’s of Copernicus Climate Change Services.

  • Explain basic principles of forecasting.

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The course is organised by Novogit AB in collaboration with the EO4GEO project.

Designed and developed by: Anders Ostman.

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December 2021


+    |   This online course consists of 3 presentations with voice-over and a self test. Participation certificate available.

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