A new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) based on Copernicus programme and EO4GEO tools

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A new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) based on Copernicus programme and EO4GEO tools 2022-01-17T20:55:00+00:00

Product Description

This webinar has the overall objective to promote the new opportunities offered by the Copernicus Programme in dealing with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
The webinar is addressed to farmers, farmers’ organizations and citizens interested in the development of possible future workforce in this sector and in general in Earth Observation/Geospatial applications.

The EU Commission has indeed encouraged Member States for the use of Earth Observation (EO) technologies, especially for monitoring in a continuous way the correct payment of all declared areas for aid.

This initiative arises in the context of the EO4GEO project. Participants will be addressed on how to use EO*GI in the agricultural domain, exploiting the opportunity to access to free training data.

Topics covered by the webinar:

  • The Copernicus programme support for the new “Check by Monitoring” application on the EU territory.
  • Overview of the EUCAP regulations vs the technical evolution used.
  • Brief description of the EO data/products used for the PAC analysis (Sentinel, Landsat, Spot, high resolution satellite, airborne photos, Vector data, cadastre, etc. …).
  • The Integrated Control System at sampling level and the new Checks by Monitoring through Copernicus data.
  • Agro-environmental elements for a sustainable agriculture and climate changes limitations.
  • The regional Rural Development measures.
  • Point of strength/weakness and perspectives of technical jobs in this sector.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the importance of the CAP in Europe.

  • Identify which EO data/products can support the CAP and how.

  • Understand how to interpret and integrate EO time series useful for agriculture.

  • Understand how to derive agro-parcel layers by EO data, to be integrated with other relevant information.

  • Recognize how to re-use EO data derived information for a sustainable agriculture and climate changes limitation actions.

  • Become aware of the possibilities offered by the correct use of EO data through spatial and temporal resolutions.

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April 28th. 2021


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