Sentinel-2 data and vegetation indices

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Product Description

This is a training material on Sentinel-2 data and vegetation indices. It is divided into two modules: 1) Introduction to spectral indices and 2) Application of vegetation spectral indices.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the principle of the spectral index calculation.

  • Familiarize with different vegetation spectral indices.

  • Get to know the Sentinel-2 spectral bands.

  • Learn about the index database and tools available to calculate indices.

  • Learn how the spectral indices are used in different applications: agriculture, forestry, vineyards, natural hazards: fires, windstorms.

BoK concepts

Links to concepts from the EO4GEO Body of Knowledge used in this course:

  • IP | Image processing and analysis
    • IP3 | Image understanding
  • PP | Physical principles

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Designed and developed by: Agata Hościło, IGiK.

Contributors: Valerio Tramutoli, Nicola Capece, Valeria Satriano – University of Basilicata; Sara Wiman, Greger Lindeberg – Geografiska informationsbyrån

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

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